Attachment Parents of the Peninsula (APPen) is a community of families who support each other in applying the philosophies of attachment parenting. Our purpose is to offer information and encouragement to parents who are practicing, or interested in practicing, attachment parenting. APPen was formerly known as Bay Area Community of Attachment Parents in San Mateo County (BACAP-SMC).

Parents and kids at picnicOur members live mostly in the mid-Peninsula region of the San Francisco Bay Area, primarily in San Mateo, Belmont, Foster City, Redwood City, and Burlingame. We also have members who live in Palo Alto, Menlo Park and other outlying local cities, as well as a number of members who are not local but who have chosen to remain a part of our group after moving away.

While our email list is a critical tool for our group, our primary focus is on face-to-face community. Activities include weekly all-age and age-specific play dates, quarterly family picnics, a babysitting co-op, and In-a-Pinch (IAP) meals for new parents, in addition to our on-line support and camaraderie.

Our community is supportive and inclusive and while we all aspire to the practice of Attachment Parenting principles, we recognize that the circumstances for each family and each child are unique and the degree to which we all practice the principles may vary.